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SURPASS second consortium meeting: a fruitful discussion on the project’s latest developments

On 22 and 23 November, the 13 members of the SURPASS project met online for their second consortium meeting. With the help of the project manager, the project coordinator, Simon Clavaguera, animated the event.

The two half days gave the opportunity to all consortium members to gather and discuss project progresses and results. Besides, it was a good occasion to revise the work carried out so far (with a focus on the identification of possible bottlenecks for the coming month), and to perform a retrospective on the consortium way-of-working, aiming for continuous improvement.

As continuous improvement goes hand in hand with knowledge-sharing, WP4 members organized a series of didactic sessions on their activities in the form of an e-learning module, specifically:

  • Toxicology: Hedwig Braakhuis (RIVM) gave a lecture on the effects of chemicals on human health (from cells to tissue and organs) and the environment. This was followed by a presentation of the EU regulations aiming at limiting exposure and restricting the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Release and Exposure: afterward, Camilla Delpivo (LEITAT) introduced the concepts of release and exposure and described the tools used to assess exposure levels and origins.

  • LCA and LCC: Stephanie Desrousseaux (CEA) and Daniel Gansky (GEO) explained the LCA and LCC concept, and gave an overview of the environmental aspects and potential environmental impacts throughout the product’s life cycle, from raw material acquisition through production, end-of-life treatment, recycling and finally to disposal.

The 13 partners of the SURPASS consortium agreed to ensure that internal communication remains efficient and transparent. The motivation and level of engagement of all members were very high and everyone is resolved to keep working together towards a common goal: actively contributing to the EU green transition by developing guiding tools for EU innovators in the plastic sector.

The third consortium meeting will take place in June 2023 in San Sebastian, Spain.

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