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SURPASS has been divided into 7 work packages designed to ensure developing the 3 SSRbD materials of the Case Studies, the SSRbD assessment strategy and the digital infrastructure that will finally enable to share guidance and operating tools with targeted stakeholders.

The WP1 will enable IPC to coordinate policies and regulation analysis, collection of stakeholder needs to be translated in technical specifications both for Case Studies materials design and for the final digital infrastructure.


The WP2 will encompass technical activities dedicated to developing the materials under coordination of BASF, while WP3 will be dedicated to reprocessing technologies development through supervision of ICT. Both will cover the three Case Studies. To ensure continuity between WP2 and WP3 regarding Case Studies, a leader has been assigned to each Case Study: IND will lead Case Study #1 related to bio-sourced PU, CID will lead Case Study #2 related to epoxy-vitrimer for composite and IPC will lead Case Study #3 related to MNL films for packaging.


In parallel, a strong team of experts in toxicology, environmental impact, economic viability will work under supervision of CEA on the development of assessment strategies to ultimately create the SSRbD assessment guidance though WP4. This guidance will then be implemented in WP5 in the digital infrastructure built by GEO, as long as all data collected through the project, including policies and regulations related information.


Project results will be disseminated through WP6 lead by WFO. The whole project being coordinated by CEA, through WP7.

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