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SURPASS 1st Newsletter is out!

Introducing the SURPASS Project's First Newsletter: Pioneering Advances in Safe, Sustainable, and Recyclable by Design Polymeric Materials.

The European-funded project SURPASS and its whole consortium are delighted to announce the release of its inaugural newsletter, providing a comprehensive overview of the groundbreaking initiatives and milestones achieved in the early stages of this ambitious undertaking. As a collaborative effort between leading institutions and experts across Europe, SURPASS aims to revolutionize the landscape of Safe, Sustainable, and Recyclable by Design Plastics (SSRbD).

The primary focus of the first newsletter centers around the initiation of the project's Work Package 1 - Landscape Analysis. This integral phase involves an in-depth examination of the EU and national regulatory environments, setting the stage for the development of SSRbD. The initial task within this work package is the meticulous monitoring of regulatory landscapes, crucial for ensuring the project's alignment with prevailing standards and guidelines.

As of January 2024, the project has made significant strides in its development, with particular emphasis on Work Package 6 - Dissemination, Exploitation, Standardization, and Training. Notably, the team has achieved key milestones in standardization, resulting in the successful delivery of two crucial documents.

In addition, the newsletter highlights the diverse array of events where SURPASS has been showcased, underlining the project's commitment to engagement and knowledge-sharing. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of SSRbD at various forums, gaining insights into the project's objectives and potential impact on the recyclable plastics industry.

Notably, SURPASS hosted an exclusive workshop last October, bringing together sister projects and research experts. The recorded workshop, an invaluable resource for those eager to delve into the nuances of the project, can be accessed here

As SURPASS progresses on its mission to redefine the future of recyclable plastics, we invite you to stay tuned for the upcoming newsletters, where we will continue to share updates, insights, and achievements. Together, we are shaping the landscape of Safe, Sustainable, and Recyclable by Design Polymeric Materials.

SURPASS Newsletter Jan 2024
Download PDF • 8.16MB

Stay tuned for the next installment of SURPASS updates!

For media inquiries, please contact:

Serena Barthoux in charge of SURPASS communication

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