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SURPASS launches its first event for Global Recycling Day!

March 18th, 2024 - Brussels

SURPASS, a research project funded by the European Union, dedicated to advancing the safety and sustainability of plastics, has successfully organised its first public event aimed at disseminating its mission to a wider audience. The event, a waste collection drive, took place on Global Recycling Day, March 18th, underlining SURPASS's commitment to fostering environmental responsibility and community engagement.

With over 40 enthusiastic volunteers joining forces, the event saw participants dedicating their time and efforts to cleaning up the streets, aligning with SURPASS's core ethos of promoting cleaner and safer environments. Over the course of two and a half hours, volunteers tirelessly worked to clear littered areas, culminating in the discovery and cleanup of an illegal dumping site. The results of this cleanup were extremely successful, with over 160 kilograms of waste collected, including plastic, cardboard, metals, glass and other type of waste collected and later collected by Brussels waste management trucks.

The impactful nature of the event attracted the attention of Belgian television network RTL, and other medias which engaged with SURPASS representatives to shed light on the importance of initiatives like these in combating plastic pollution and promoting sustainable practices.

Following the cleanup, participants gathered for a networking session and a presentation on the SURPASS project, further fostering dialogue and awareness around the critical issues addressed by the initiative. The event proved to be a resounding success, serving as a testament to the power of community action in driving positive change.

SURPASS aims to extend its outreach beyond the scientific community, reaching diverse audiences and inspiring collective action towards a more sustainable future. With events like these, SURPASS continues to make strides towards its vision of safer and more sustainable plastics, driving meaningful change at both local and global levels.

Huge thanks to all the volunteers who came to support this noble cause despite the usual rainy Brussels weather!!

For more information about SURPASS and its initiatives, visit our website!


Serena Barthoux

In charge of communication for the SURPASS project.

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