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SURPASS Successfully Concludes 5th Consortium Meeting in Germany

The SURPASS project is proud to announce the successful completion of its 5th Consortium Meeting, held at the BASF premises in Ludwigshafen and ICT Fraunhofer in Karlsruhe. This milestone marks two years of significant progress in our mission to drive innovation and collaboration within our consortium.

The two-day event was a pivotal moment for the SURPASS team, providing a platform to discuss the advancements of various work packages and case studies. Detailed group discussions allowed us to delve into the intricacies of our case studies, ensuring all partners align on objectives and methodologies.

A key highlight of the meeting was the interactive session focused on our key exploitable results. This session was instrumental in fostering a collaborative environment where consortium members could share insights, address concerns, and agree on the next strategic steps. The active participation and engagement from all partners underscored our collective commitment to the project's success.

In addition to the productive discussions, we also began shooting footage for our upcoming promotional video, which will be released soon. This video aims to showcase our journey, achievements, and the innovative spirit driving SURPASS forward.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Larissa and Irma for their exceptional hospitality and for organizing insightful visits to the BASF and ICT Fraunhofer facilities. Touring their state-of-the-art labs and learning more about their groundbreaking work was both inspiring and enlightening for all participants.

As we move forward, the SURPASS team remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and collaboration. We look forward to the continued success and impactful outcomes from our collective efforts.

For more information about SURPASS and our ongoing projects, please visit our website.

Media Contact:

Serena Barthoux

Communication Point of Contact

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